Why do we like to postpone the case until later? The result, which is sometimes vital to show, does not risk to loom on the horizon ever. Let’s try to understand the reason why “do it later” can sometimes be more dangerous than the widespread “just fine”

Let us not be dissemble: each of us is familiar with procrastination firsthand. The majority even able to courageously admit that from time to time, we intentionally (or not?) pulled away making important decisions that can affect our lives. It can be a trip to the dentist, big or small task, pending execution, or banal house cleaning. Today we will try to find out in which situations should be on the alert and what can help in the fight against this unfavorable for the man trait of character.


Determine whether it is necessary to do

Perhaps your procrastination reason lies in the absence of a good reason to take action. The work that you hate, or something else, unloved since childhood, like Eduzaurus.com, from what you’ve always wanted to get rid of - is quite another category that does not include dreams and real goals.

Spend a little “reconnaissance in force”

Find out which tasks are at standstill, take one of them and make a small part of it, to understand the level of complexity of the implementation. Based on the experience obtained in the process, decide if you need help.

Listen to yourself. And do the opposite

So, before you take up something that can not be avoided, try to tune in a new way: meditate, take a walk on foot or resort to another method effective for you.

Cleanliness first of all

Environment can successfully contribute to both procrastination and help combat the same. Cursory inspection of your desktop, home decoration or any other place where you have to work.


Train yourself to think: Now it will always be this way

As a rule, the first steps in what whatsoever, be it sports or new responsibilities at work, are always difficult. Perhaps the simplest example is the situation in which each of us has turned out at least once in life. Remember the magic Snooze button on the alarm clock? There is nothing easier than to click on it and quietly sleep further.

Visualize the goal. Imagine the success

Visualization - a powerful tool for achieving the goals. More than once it has been proven that this technique helps to kill the procrastination in the bud, motivating you to succeed.


Work on self-discipline

To be honest, the choice is often not so great either collect all the will in a fist, and now embark on change, or reap the bitter fruits of frustration to the already foreseeable future. Leave the solution on important life issues then - it’s too easy and, unfortunately, completely ineffective.

Do not forget to encourage yourself

It happens that we do not have enough reward for the thing, made with success. We must not forget about encouraging, it is one of the most powerful sources of intrinsic motivation. That is why it is important to celebrate your victories, both large and small. Arrange an extraordinary weekend, treat yourself with the purchase, which had long dreamed of, inspired with the joy of triumph!